Kitchen ingredients…




Merry Christmas


A rainy day outside …

The little ones wanted to have their own tree to decorate. So the big tree only has lights, and their little tree just has ornaments. We just came back from Disney World, so they wanted to do a Disney theme.

– Why did the cat cross the road?

– Why did the cat cross the road?

– To give me an almost heart-attack.

I thought I ran over an animal this morning, not sure if it was a squirrel, a cat, puppy or what! Couldn’t tell when it was kinda dark outside. But there was no sound under the car. (I knew that sound too well, since I ran over a pigeon before. After that haunted noise, there was a snow of feathers falling down in front of my car. And yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, that was how I kill the freaking bird). As I was driving forward and looking back in the rear view mirror, there, the little fearless cat slowly took her time crossing the street.

I thought I was about the have a new car. I traded in my car ASAP last time after killing the bird.

(Pic was taken in August 2017)


Tuesday, 11/21/17


I’m Q like that…

A friend tagged me on Facebook for a B&W challenge. There is a story behind this ivy leave.




‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles

If I could just see you, if I could just hold you tonight…

(Vanessa Carlton)




“Long lanh đáy nước in trời

Thành xây khói biếc,non phơi bóng vàng..”

(Truyện Kiều – Nguyễn Du)